About Mush&Bow

Mush & Bow was born during one of the most challenging time of the century 2020, where a reported number of 3 million lost their lives, loved ones and over 225 million lost their jobs to the pandemic. While the statistics seem grim, this was the time all of humanity came together and chose to fight, chose to stand strong, chose to live, chose to hope, chose a better tomorrow..
We applaud your strength, your courage and doing what it takes to keep pushing forward. The game never stops...
"Wallet", the symbol of influence a man has over his world, (only the first of many to follow) is our effort to honor you, to celebrate your strength, your courage, to empower you to express what makes you - YOU. Are you ready to be the ANOMALY??
At Mush&Bow, we believe in disrupting the status quo.
The age of tradition of passing down power and beliefs from generation to generation is the norm of the human civilization, But every now and then there is a shift , a change, a revolution, an underdog, a hero who emerges that challenges the current state of affairs, a glitch in the matrix, an Anomaly that questions the very fabric that makes up our society . These heroes live everywhere throughout history and future, "the uneducated" Mr.Ford, "too dumb for school" Mr.Edison, "college dropout" Mr.Jobs, "Dumb" Mr. Einstein," Outlaw" Mr. Martin Luther king , " Snake charmer" Mr.Gandhi, and countless more, these heroes live among us, making a difference in their own way however big or small, yet significant enough that shape our society for a better tomorrow. These heroes, these glitches, these anomalies exist with in you.
At Mush&Bow, we value Originality.
Beauty lies in originality, and so no one ever said, " I really love your fake leather wallet". The glaring difference between authentic and duplicate is just one, Originality. In a world full of copy cats the originals are cherished, celebrated , bowed down to and are given the permission to lead the way.
We express our originality through every aspect of our products to help you make a statement without uttering a single word. 
 ARE YOU READY TO BE THE ANOMALY? Join the tribe! pledge your allegiance to making a difference to your community by becoming a Mush & Bow man. Mush and Bow LLC has pledged 11% of its profits to eradicating poverty through education for under privileged children. 
Reach us at info@mushandbow.com
Write to the founder at founder@mushandbow.com