About us

We believe that a wallet is an instrument that provides organized space to carry all your essentials and not just your cards.

Our story began on a backpacking trip in Thailand when Mark ended up damaging his fancy new smart wallet (the type that spat out cards on the click of a button) and he used Jane's rubber band to hold all his cards safely. Ironically the rubberband was a better design we thought! since his "smart" wallet was thicker and heavier than all the cards he would put in it, and of course none of our wallets could not hold coins, keys, receipts and we shoved all of these into our pockets and backpacks, like you do on a backpacking trip. We then had an epiphany, as long as we have pants with pockets, we always find stuff to put in it. We decided to address the issue once we were back from our month long backpacking.

Our company is essentially a misfit gang of engineers (Jane and myself) and designers (Mark and Charlene), trying to address the bulk, carry capacity and environmental sustainability problem with most wallets in the market. This is our pursuit of building "The Perfect Wallet".

Using full grain Napa leather and recycled satin polyester, we found that our wallets are not only ultra slim and durable, but they increased carry capacity. Full grain leather unlike your "genuine leather or faux" is bio degradable and naturally stronger than the plastic found in "Faux and genuine" leather. We are also collaborating with various environmental agencies to find a way to responsibly dispose used wallets since most wallets contain satin polyester lining which may be recycled.

We ensure that our leather is procured only as a byproduct of the meat industry. We refuse to condone the use of calf leather as we believe strongly that no animal, much less a calf has to be butchered just for a fancy wallet. This also means that occasionally you might find veining on your wallet, which should not be confused for wrinkles or damage. This comes from the animal itself, unique only to your personal wallet, Wear it with pride.  

We at Mush & Bow™️ strongly believe in the betterment of future generations amongst underprivileged societies.We have pledged 11% of our annual profits to organizations around the world working tirelessly to eradicate poverty through education in children. We are trying to do our part in changing the world one child at a time. At the end of every financial year we will be publishing how your contribution has had a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged kids.

And finally, We thank you for considering purchasing our wallets. A Great deal of passion & hard work has gone into designing and crafting them. Please know that they are handmade by a passionate group of artisans. While our wallets are great, we certainly don't believe that they are perfect. Which is why we have 2-year warranty policy and a strict quality assurance program to protect your investment with us. We have a simple returns/exchange procedure for your convenience. Having said that, we are working hard to delight you and are eagerly waiting to welcome you on board our band of misfits and anomalies! Consider joining us on our mission to changing the world one child at a time by subscribing below to the Mush&Bow™️ club.


Thank you!